About the School

About Our School
The Elizabeth Green School, serving pre-kindergarten through grade four students and their families, is located in the northeast section of Newington, nestled in a neighborhood setting. Approximately one-third of our students live in close proximity to Elizabeth Green School and are able to walk to school every day. Elizabeth Green School is an exemplary school, characterized by a strong sense of community and high standards in all of the work that we do. The school is typified by a warm, welcoming environment in which students, teachers, and families work together to support the positive school community. The students engage in a comprehensive educational program that develops their thinking, physical, social and communication skills, all while teaching them the joy of learning. The well-trained professional staff is dedicated to providing a learning environment to support and challenge students to reach high academic standards and develop a variety of skills that will take them into the 21st century. Small class sizes provide an ideal environment for the students to receive the optimal educational experience. Additional staff, including paraprofessionals and specialized instructors, creates a student/staff ratio that is conducive to the development of an effective learning environment and a positive school culture.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a strong learning experience that holds students to high expectations in order to reach their full potential. A partnership of students, parents, educators, and community members provides a safe, nurturing environment where students are encouraged to think critically and solve problems independently. Our educational program addresses students' developmental needs, fosters lifelong learning, and prepares students to become responsible citizens in a culturally diverse society.

Elizabeth Green School Student Expectations

Academic Expectations

  • Reads, writes, and speaks effectively

  • Applies skills and concepts independently

  • Employs problem-solving strategies

  • Utilizes informational resources appropriately

  • Assumes responsibility for learning

Social/Civic Expectations

  • Assumes responsibility for self

  • Respects self, others, and the environment

  • Interacts cooperatively with others

  • Contributes to society/school community

School Families

Each month, students participate in School Family meetings. Each staff member facilitates a "family" that includes 10-11 children representing all grades, K-4. The goal is to enhance the school community through collaboration and teamwork. This also provides a wonderful opportunity for students to get to know one another as they work together to make a difference at E. Green.

Student Council

All students have the opportunity to participate in student government. At the beginning of each year, elections are held to select officers for the Student Council. Students in grade 4 nominate one student from each class to run for the offices of president, secretary, and treasurer. Students in grade 3 nominate one student from each class to run for vice president. Elections are also held in each classroom in grades 1-4 to select a representative and alternate. The Student Council meets monthly to conduct business, which includes the running of the school store, sponsoring a fundraiser, enhancing school spirit, and sharing ideas of how to improve the school. Representatives have the responsibility of bringing forth ideas from their classmates and sharing information from the meetings with the class.

Second Step

Second Step is a research-based, violence prevention, social skills program taught to our Kindergarten students. The focus is on developing children's language skills and teaching them to identify feelings, solve problems, and get along with others. It correlates well with our other social skills programs.

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